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Stellaria Album Artwork

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NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 13TH, 2023 – Today, Platinum-Certified singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and engineer Chelsea Cutler proudly presents her highly-anticipated third studio album, Stellaria, out now—listen HERE.


On the album, Chelsea says, “Making this album has been unequivocally the most difficult creative process I have experienced. But this album gave me a chance to experience every emotion on the spectrum. It forced me to confront questions I had previously been too afraid to ask myself, both professionally and personally. It challenged me to push myself again and again to be better than last time. It offered me moments of intense creative and collaborative joy. Perhaps most importantly, it taught me to enjoy the present, cherish the process, and get comfortable with the uncomfortable.”


Among many highlights, the latest single “Loved By You” spotlights Chelsea’s eloquent songcraft and emotionally charged delivery front-and-center. On the track, she fearlessly explores self-love and self-realization in a moment of unfiltered reflection.


She says, “I had just turned 23 and COVID started. I was about to turn 26 by the time things felt more normal. It was like I fell asleep at 23 and woke up at 25, and the whole world was different. I spent a lot of time wondering, ‘Am I going to feel like myself again or a new iteration of myself?’ I tried to write a song to get reacquainted with myself and love this new person post-pandemic.”


Throughout 2023, Chelsea assembled what would become Stellaria during sessions in New York, Los Angeles, and in California’s Big Bear. Stellaria (meaning “the little moments”) is inspired by embracing beauty everywhere—even in the good, the bad, and everything in between. As always, she took the reins in the studio, spearheading production and engineering the tracks herself alongside collaborator Kevin White [Kiana Lede, Bazzi]. Chelsea personally tinkered with everything from loops to guitar lines, layering emotion between multi-dimensional textures. She says, “When it comes to production and engineering, I get my hands very dirty. I love showing that women belong in spaces where they are mixing, engineering, and really designing the sonics.”


To celebrate the arrival of Stellaria, Chelsea will take the stage at ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! on Wednesday October 18th for what promises to be an unforgettable performance of the fan favorite “Your Bones.” Be sure to tune in!


Upon release, “Your Bones” immediately resonated with audiences, after initially making waves online across social media. Thus far, it has generated nearly 10 million Spotify streams and counting in addition to thousands of views on the visualizer, which was shot and edited by Chelsea’s girlfriend Tilly—watch HERE. V Magazine hailed it as “a heartwarming love song, and Rolling Stone plugged it among “All The Songs You Need To Know,while fans have embraced it as an anthem to their own love stories.


This weekend, Chelsea will welcome fans to the official Stellaria Pop-Up in Soho on Saturday October 14th with a signing, exclusive merch items, and acoustic set. Next up, she heads to Europe and the UK for a string of intimate, acoustic shows. Check out the dates HERE.


Chelsea initially set the stage for Stellaria with “Men On The Moon,” “Stay Anything,” and “I Don’t Feel Alive,” which kicked off a new chapter for the Platinum artist.


Stay tuned for more exciting news to come from Chelsea Cutler soon!


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  1. “Something More”
  2. “Growing Up Is Hard”
  3. “I Don’t Feel Alive”
  4. “Men On The Moon”
  5. “Your Bones”
  6. “Hunting Season”
  7. “If Not Yours”
  8. “you’re all i ever dreamed of”
  9. “Loved By You”
  10. “You Don’t Think About Me At All”
  11. “Hold Me While It’s Ending” feat. Matt Maeson
  12. “The Way You Love Me”
  13. “No One Hates Me More”
  14. “Hotel June”
  15. “Stay Anything”


Since 2017, intimate candor has defined Chelsea Cutler’s artistry. The Platinum singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and engineer chooses her words very carefully and, ultimately, sings with a novelist’s attention-to-detail. Following the Gold-Certified fan favorite “Your Shirt,” she captivated with acclaimed albums, How To Be Human [2020] and When I Close My Eyes [2021]. She also teamed up with Jeremy Zucker on the collaborative brent EP [2019] and brent ii EP [2021], yielding the Platinum-Certified “you were good to me” and Gold-Certified “better off.” Generating over three billion streams and selling out worldwide tours, she also has lent her voice to tracks with Quinn XCII, Louis The Child, The Band CAMINO, and Noah Kahan, among others. Beyond acclaim from Billboard, Variety, Wall Street Journal, NPR, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, E! News, UPROXX, Consequence, Refinery29, HYPEBAE, and L'Officiel, she performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and Today, to name a few. Now, she knows exactly what she wants to say on her upcoming third full-length album. Fan favorites “Men On The Moon,” “Stay Anything,” and “I Don’t Feel Alive” and the latest release “Your Bones” highlights her unfiltered honesty front-and-center and sets the tone for what’s to come on her new album, Stellaria, out now [Mercury Records/Republic Records].