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Limited Edition Colour Vinyl Of First Seven Albums Available December 9, With Standard Black Vinyl To Follow December 23 - Eighth Album, Born In The Echoes, Out On Vinyl Now

24 OCTOBER 2016 (Toronto, ON) - The Chemical Brothers’ entire catalogue of eight studio albums will soon be available in North America on double LP vinyl. The influential U.K. band’s first seven albums have been unavailable on vinyl for some time, but today Astralwerks announced plans to release limited edition colored vinyl of each on December 9 via Universal Music Canada, the country's leading music company, followed by standard black vinyl on December 23. Born In The Echoes (2015), The Chemical Brothers’ most recent album, is already available on vinyl. The seven albums to be reissued are listed below along with the colors of the limited edition vinyl.
  • Exit Planet Dust (1995) – Clear Vinyl
  • Dig Your Own Hole (1997) – Solid White Vinyl
  • Surrender (1999) – Solid Blue Vinyl
  • Come With Us (2002) – Solid Red Vinyl
  • Push The Button (2005) – Transparent Blue Vinyl
  • We Are The Night (2007) – Soda Bottle Clear Vinyl
  • Further (2010) – Transparent Green Vinyl
Each comes repackaged in the original sleeve artwork that the first pressings came in. Audio has been cut from the original lacquers directly from the studio of the original engineer, Mike Marsh, and fully approved by The Chemical Brothers’ Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands. See below for track listings. The Chemical Brothers have sold 12 million albums and six million singles worldwide. They were the first electronic act ever to receive a GRAMMY® Award, winning in the Best Rock Instrumental Performance category for “Block Rockin’ Beats.” The song, which appeared on 1997’s RIAA Gold-certified album Dig Your Own Hole, was the first track by an electronic artist to chart at Alternative radio, where The Chemical Brothers have continued to receive strong support. 2005’s “Galvanize” featuring Q-Tip took the GRAMMY for Best Dance Recording while the albums Push the Button (2005) and We Are the Night (2007) won in the Best Electronic/Dance Album category. Further (2010), the 2012 live album, Don’t Think, and 2015’s Born In The Echoes were each nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album and the 2015 single “Go” featuring Q-Tip was nominated for Best Dance Recording. The Chemical Brothers have had six No. 1 albums in the U.K. / FacebookTwitter / Instagram / YouTube

The track listings for The Chemical Brothers’ eight studio albums are as follows: Exit Planet Dust LP 1 Side A
  1. Leave Home
  2. In Dust We Trust
Side B
  1. Song To The Siren
  2. Three Little Birdies Down Beats
  3. Fuck Up Beats
  4. Chemical Beats
LP 2 Side A
  1. Life Is Sweet
  2. Playground For A Wedgeless Firm
Side B
  1. Chico's Groove
  2. One Too Many Mornings
  3. Alive Alone
Dig Your Own Hole LP 1 Side A
  1. Block Rockin' Beats
  2. Dig Your Own Hole
Side B
  1. Elektrobank
  2. Piku
  3. Setting Sun
LP 2 Side A
  1. It Doesn't Matter
  2. Don't Stop The Rock
  3. Get Up On It Like This
Side B
  1. Lost In The K Hole
  2. Where Do I Begin
  3. The Private Psychedelic Reel
Surrender LP 1 Side A
  1. Music: Response
  2. Under The Influence
Side B
  1. Out Of Control
  2. Orange Wedge
  3. Let Forever Be
LP 2 Side A
  1. The Sunshine Underground
  2. Asleep From Day
  3. Got Glint?
Side B
  1. Hey Boy Hey Girl
  2. Surrender
  3. Dream On
Come With Us LP 1 Side A
  1. Come With Us
  2. It Began In Afrika
  3. Galaxy Bounce
Side B
  1. Star Guitar
  2. Hoops
LP 2 Side A
  1. My Elastic Eye
  2. The State We're In
  3. Denmark
Side B
  1. Pioneer Skies
  2. The Test
Push The Button LP 1 Side A
  1. Galvanize
  2. The Boxer
Side B
  1. Believe
  2. Hold Tight London
  3. Come Inside
LP 2 Side A
  1. The Big Jump
  2. Left Right
  3. Close Your Eyes
Side B
  1. Shake Break Bounce
  2. Marvo Ging
  3. Surface To Air
We Are The Night LP 1 Side A
  1. No Path To Follow
  2. We Are The Night
  3. All Rights Reversed
Side B
  1. Saturate
  2. Do It Again
  3. Das Spiegel
LP 2 Side A
  1. The Salmon Dance
  2. Burst Generator
  3. A Modern Midnight Conversation
Side B
  1. Battle Scars
  2. Harpoons
  3. The Pills Won't Help You Now
Further LP 1 Side A
  1. Snow
  2. Escape Velocity
Side B
  1. Another World
  2. Dissolve
LP 2 Side A
  1. Horse Power
  2. Swoon
Side B
  1. K+D+B
  2. Wonders Of The Deep
Born In The Echoes LP 1 Side A
  1. Sometimes I Feel So Deserted
  2. Go
  3. Under Neon Lights
Side B
  1. EML Ritual
  2. I’ll See You There
  3. Just Bang
LP 2 Side A
  1. Reflexion
  2. Taste Of Honey
  3. Born In The Echoes
Side B
  1. Radiate
  2. Wide Open