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19 JANUARY 2024 (TORONTO, ON) — Today, certified-platinum indie folk musician David Kushner releases his long-teased new track “Skin and Bones.” Kushner shares, “Skin and Bones captures the electric tension of desire and redemption, exploring the thin line between ecstasy and salvation in the duality of love.” An accompanying music video will follow the track’s release.


Listen to “Skin and Bones”


David looks forward to 2024 with his first three festivals of the year announced last week: Hangout Festival from May 17, Boston Calling on May 24, and Bonnaroo on June 14.


Last year, Kushner went from breakthrough artist to certified-platinum hitmaker with major career milestones including over 1 billion streams on the track “Daylight,” two hedline tours, and his TV debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Other high marks include 13.7 billion Tik Tok views, a million new Instagram followers, and a show with Dermot Kennedy in Ireland.


Originally from the suburbs of Chicago and currently based in Los Angeles, Kushner first made waves in 2022 with a pair of worldwide hit singles, “Miserable Man” (hailed by Rolling Stone as “an acoustic ballad that’s as sparse as a one-horse town”) and “Mr. Forgettable,” both found on his debut EP, Footprints I Found. His emotionally charged songs touched an immediate chord in listeners around the globe, earning featured placement on the coveted Spotify “Roots Rising” playlist while quickly racking up more than 700M streams in under one year. When the long-teased single “Daylight” finally dropped, Kushner’s career kicked into an even higher gear. The certified-platinum song has been streamed 1 billion times and counting, launching David into his Daylight Tour and Daylight Tour 2.0.