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19 OCTOBER 2023 (TORONTO, ON) — Brace yourself for a musical revolution as DJ LYAN takes centre stage with "DESI TRILL," an electrifying fusion that seamlessly blends South Asian and Western musical traditions.


Bringing together three legends who are shaking up their respective scenes, to drop this incredible new track blending Desi, Hip-Hop and Dance genres is an absolute game-changer. It's like witnessing the ultimate crossover event in music. DJ LYAN quotes: "Reviving a cherished childhood record with Malkit is an honour. Having Chip, one of my ‘all-timer’ UK rappers, on the record is the icing on the cake."


The track was given its first world premiere by renowned radio DJ, producer and presenter Zane Lowe on his Apple Music 1 show.


This genre provides opportunities for cross-cultural collaborations, allowing artists from different backgrounds to come together and create music that transcends borders and languages. DJ LYAN is continuously pushing creative boundaries, leading to the emergence of fresh and exciting compositions that challenge traditional musical norms.


DJ LYAN has carved a remarkable path in the music industry, with accolades that include the release of his debut EP Jungle Fever, in 2021. Notably, he became the first UK Bangla project to secure a coveted spot on prominent UK Spotify playlists, including New Music Friday UK, Who We Be, This Is How We Do and New Pop Revolution.


He quotes; “I want people to consider me next to DJ Snake, Calvin Harris, DJ Khaled, Pharrell Williams… I hope that South Asian music can be on a level playing field and that I can be the one to do this”


Fast forward to the present day and DJ LYAN has evolved to collaborate with elite talents, including renowned Bollywood singers Kanika Kapoor, Arjun and Mumzy Stranger on a diverse array of singles. These collaborations showcase DJ LYAN’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of musical innovation and further solidifying his position as a trailblazer in the global music scene.


"DESI TRILL" - Now available on all major music streaming platforms. Audiences worldwide can look forward to experiencing the electrifying fusion of South Asian and Western music that is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of music.


"DESI TRILL" sets the tone for a stratospheric run of new music, projects, and moments.



DJ LYAN - full name Hydar Munthakim - is a British DJ, producer and songwriter born and raised in East London, a multi-faceted, contemporary artist who fuses influences of South Asian sounds alongside Western music to deliver his own unique genre.


Growing up in inner city London, surrounded by a melting pot of influences from his peers and family and exposed to a rich tapestry of musical genres which is represented in his music. DJ LYAN’s earliest musical memories include listening to a lot of Bollywood music in his family home - a genre that continues to hold great nostalgia for him - before beginning his education where he became heavily influenced by UK culture. His formative school years were influenced by the days of grime MCs, the days of grime producers creating ‘riddims’ alongside developing his understanding of how US music had such a prolific influence on the UK music scene.


Discussing his interests outside of music, LYAN is inspired by fashion and wider creatives like Pharrell. He describes his approach of always thinking outside the box, always pushing boundaries to encourage audiences and consumers to think in a different way as a big influence on his music making. “When I’m talking about fashion, I’m almost relating it to South Asian culture, as I think the three elements that are really distinct are the fashion, the music, and the film - the film being Bollywood - it all ties in hand and hand.


LYAN is the debut artist of the visionary, recently formed DESI TRILL MUSIC, a new label venture led by Ty-Ty Smith and Shabz Naqvi. The label will be dedicated to DESI TRILL, a new genre that combines the musical style of South Asian artists with modern genres, representing a new global sound. The label is distributed globally by Universal Music Group. Smith is a co-founder of Roc Nation, the global entertainment company that has cultivated many of today’s biggest acts such as DJ Khaled, JAY-Z, J Balvin, J. Cole, Rihanna, and Shakira among others. Naqvi is a visionary artist, producer, and music executive from South London with chart-topping acclaim and an impressive collection of 11 major music awards. He was a key member of So Solid Crew, an influential, award-winning music collective, and is renowned for his boundless creativity and steadfast commitment to celebrating his South Asian heritage.






Malkit Singh was born in the village Husainpur near Jalandhar. He is the oldest child of five. He started singing at the age of four and attended a local school in his village where his talent was recognised. He then carried his talent through to college where he participated in competitions and won many awards. And now has taken his music from the Punjabi vernacular to cross-cultural experiments with various types of music such as rap, house, dance, Bollywood film screens and so forth. As a result, traditional Punjabi folk music has gone from the relative obscurity of a Punjabi village to the heady heights of a world stage. As the music spreads its wings across the globe, Malkit Singh encompasses an audience of all ages and backgrounds.


Malkit Singh has been hailed the ‘King of Bhangra,’ and is one of the few Punjabi icons around in today’s Bhangra industry. Punjabis all around the world look up to Malkit’s original style, melodious voice, and unique music as he represents the true traditional Punjabi culture to worldwide audiences.



Highly innovative and result-driven, Jahmaal Noel Fyffe, aka Rapper Chip, is an internationally renowned Multi-Platinum selling rapper/music artist who has been reshaping industry standards since 2005. As a top-performing artist with three MOBO awards and a multi-million following, Chip features an extensive background in developing authentic pieces and performances that influence beyond the senses. Even more, is passionate about delivering compelling entertainment that not only propels the entire industry forward but ultimately leaves his audiences wanting more.


As a dynamic entertainer bringing new vibes to the music scene, Chip enjoys delivering statement-making productions that provoke new levels of emotional influence and invested attraction, all while helping other aspiring artists leave their own lasting marks along the way. Overall, Chip has a genuine appreciation for creating rhythmic art that captivates beyond just the ears and effectively demonstrates that through his proven track record of accentuating the immersive entertainment experience for the last two decades.