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28 JULY 2023 (TORONTO, ON) — Preeminent 21st century storyteller and singer songwriter DREAM elevates once again with a brand new single entitled “Everest” featuring Yung Gravy out today via Mercury/Republic Records/Universal Music Canada. Stream Dream’s “Everest” [feat. Yung Gravy]HERE. It heralds the arrival of his forthcoming debut, to whoever wants to hear EP, on August 25. Pre-order/pre-save to whoever wants to hearHERE.


After some online chatter between the two and Yung Gravy having what’s been labeled the “Coldest Tweet of the year”, the two linked up for the single. On the track, an old school video game-style loop buzzes beneath Dream’s vocals. Meanwhile, multi platinum rap phenomenon Yung Gravy rolls through with quirky and quotable bars. Expect a music video to drop soon with some surprise guests.


On the single: DREAM said: I wanted to write a song that captures the feeling of being high on life. I’ve never actually been high, but I can imagine what it feels like. Being at the top of Everest is like being on top of the world, and I’ve had moments where I’ve felt that way. I’ve also had moments where I’ve felt pretty down on myself. But at the end of the day, my main obligation in life is to be true to myself, to find my Everest, and to climb it every day.


The to whoever wants to hear EP features six new tracks including his recent heartfelt single “Until i End Up Dead” which  has already gathered over 3.8 million Spotify streams and 2.6 million YouTube views. Fans can pre-order signed CD”s and two different t-shirt box sets for to whoever wants to hear HERE.


Following the release, Dream also appeared on the BFF Podcast with Dave Portnoy, as well as Colin and Samir’s “An Unfiltered Conversation with Dream.

The video for “Until I End Up Dead” features a YouTube fundraiser for the Sarcoma Foundation of America who also works closely with The One Of Us Global Foundation, a non-profit set up by Technoblade’s father (known as MrTechnoDad in the streaming and gaming community). Dream and MrTechnoDad co-wrote the music video treatment and MrTechnoDad makes a small cameo in the video - playing the doctor. There are many nods to Technoblade including Dream holding a pig flying away and small crown in the video, both playing homage to Technoblade’s streaming avatar which was a pig wearing a crown. Most recently, MrTechnoDad hosted a fundraiser on the one year anniversary of Technoblade’s death that featured twenty plus creators and streamers - including Dream.

In addition, the fight scene early in the music video is a reference to a major internet interaction between that took place between Dream and Technoblade’s through a MrBeast video entitled 1v1 duel with a $100,000 prize to find “Who’s the world's best Minecraft player.” Even though Technoblade won, they split the prize money and went from rivals to friends. Creating the now well known “RivalsDuo” to refer to Dream and Technoblade.

DREAM has already generated hundreds of millions of streams and views on his music powered by 2021 singles “Roadtrip,” “Mask,” and “Change My Clothes” with Alec Benjamin. Now, he’s officially back with “Until I End Up Dead.”

It only paves the way for more music to come from DREAM soon though.

Dream to whoever wants to hear tracklist

  1. Slow Down
  2. Kind Of Love
  3. Paranoid
  4. Spotlight
  5. Everest (feat. Yung Gravy)
  6. Invincible (like you)
  7. Until I End Up Dead

Stories manifest in a myriad of forms. Standing out as a storyteller in various arenas, DREAM similarly captivates via his music. The Florida-born singer and songwriter filters relatable emotions through intimate alternative soundscapes punctuated by his catchy cadences and clever lyrics befitting of his reputation as an arresting and alluring Gen-Z narrator. He grew up in Orlando obsessed with storytelling, dreaming of a future as either a YouTuber or a novelist. Foregoing college, he took a full-time job as high-level tech support for Apple Care. Eventually, he decided to pursue YouTube and built a massive audience. During 2021, he collaborated with PmBata on the debut single “Roadtrip. It exploded to the tune of 110 million Spotify streams. On its heels, he tallied another 82.5 million Spotify streams on “Mask. Meanwhile, he joined forces with multi platinum singer, songwriter, and producer Alec Benjamin for “Change My Clothes.All three songs have debuted on Spotify’s Top 50 US Chart. Now, he continues to assert himself as a sonic storyteller with a series of 2023 singles for Republic Records and more to come.