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28 OCTOBER 2022 (Toronto, ON) – Following their debut label release, “Problems,” breakout alternative hip-hop duo Lyan Paris – Luke Marshall and Ryan Goulding— flips the switch with their latest track, “Good Day” released today through Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company.  


“Good Day” is an energetic smash that blares like an affirmation. Where “Problems” lunged back into vulnerability of past experience, “Good Day” jolts forward to define the ambitious future for the alternative hip-hop duo. Lyan Paris comment, “this track doesn’t take itself too seriously but is still something we can always vibe to whether driving in the car or with friends at a party. There’s a lot of good energy in this song and we hope that other people can feel that same energy.”


The animated call and response between Marshall and Goulding, layered with the sophisticated production is an expression of the entertaining personalities behind the music and their undeniable chemistry. The duo notes, “’Good Day’ is just an upbeat song that two best friends got to make in a studio together for fun.”


“Good Day” is released today alongside the campy official music video directed and produced by Nick Jandorra (Bankroll Hayden, Lil Skies, Blackbear, 24KGoldn, Arizona Zervas: ‘Roxanne”) and is set at “Good Day” Living Centre where the musical pair are working as nursing assistants, reminiscent of Ben Stiller’s character in Happy Gilmore. It was shot at a real retirement home where actual residents spend the day with Lyan Paris filled with Yoga, Madden, Knitting and a good ole’ fashioned hotbox.





The moniker “Lyan” combines both of their first names, Luke and Ryan, which is fitting because their history is so deeply intertwined. They’re so on the same wavelength – both in life and in the studio – that people often assume they’re twins, or at the very least brothers. At only 20-years old, the two have been making music together for nearly a decade. Now, after years of collaboration, not to mention millions of TikTok views and independent song streams, are bursting out of the gate with a melodic and charismatic sound that reflects a generation.


Luke and Ryan started making music together in grade six at their school in Hamilton, Ontario. At first, they were just playing around, recording in Garageband on their parents’ iPhones and singing through T-Pain’s autotune app. Childhood drum lessons gave them a sense of rhythm, but a lack of musical training and a less-than-lively small-town scene made them reluctant to share their music. They’d release the odd song on SoundCloud but didn’t start taking it seriously until their friends started to get behind them in high school and ask them when they were going to drop something official.


That support gave them the confidence to start singing and sharing music on social media, first on now-defunct platforms like Vine and and then on TikTok. At first, it was mostly covers of rappers they admired. Despite the low-quality recordings, they were able to listen back and hear that they actually didn’t sound so far off, hitting the same notes as the artists they idolized and often impressing themselves with their delivery.


Soon, it wasn’t just their friends asking them to drop music, but also thousands of fans in their comments and DMs. So they got more personal, now rapping over open verse beats they found on TikTok with original verses and melodies. In 2021, a catchy duet with Chicago-based producer PdubCookin caught fire and they had another multi-million-view viral hit. This time, they rode the momentum right into the studio and developed the song into the certified banger “Dimes,” their debut single.


It’s connected with listeners and followers, many of whom send DMs letting the duo know how much a certain song or message meant to them. The communication goes both ways, with Ryan and Luke often checking in to see how their fans are doing. Music has helped Lyan Paris cope, and now they’re happy to be a voice for others and let people who might be going through a hard time know they’re not alone. Whether up or down, high or low, they’re not in it for the hype. They’re always genuine, never fake. 


They’re letting that multidimensional approach guide them as they continue to explode. Next up: more studio time, more recording, finally getting on stage, and ultimately a full album to show the world just what they are capable of.


Photo credit: James Baxter