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02 FEBRUARY 2024 (TORONTO, ON) - Giant Rooks release their album How Have You Been? as the successor to their debut album Rookery via Vertigo Berlin/IRRSINN Tonträger/Universal Music Canada. The new album contains 14 songs and reflects the highs and lows experienced by the band over the last few years. Releasing a 46-minute album amid a time of fast-paced content consumption, they remain true to their classic songwriting style. The band, known for their energetic live performances, started a tour in support of the album. Hits like "Somebody Like You" and "Morning Blue" draw upon the familiar sound style of Rookery, while titles such as "Fight Club" explore a new direction in their songwriting. The gentle ballad “How Have You Been?” concludes the album on a reflective and intimate note.


How Have You Been? is the question from the band, originally from Hamm, a German town known primarily for dividing trains. But the question can also be asked the other way around: How have you been, Giant Rooks? Since that first album, a lot has happened for the band consisting of singer Frederik Rabe, guitarist Finn Schwieters, bassist Luca Göttner, keyboardist Jonathan Wischniowski and drummer Finn Thomas – and that's somewhat of an understatement. Rookery reached number 3 in the album charts and amassed over 200 million streams in 2020, while also picking up awards and selling out tours across Germany and Europe. Then, things went a little quieter. The band concentrated on live shows, and after two years on the road, slowly got back to writing together. “We were almost shocked at how quickly and how well we were able to work together and come up with new songs,” Rabe says.


How Have You Been? is an introspective personal inventory, an honest illustration of what Giant Rooks are all about. As with Rookery, we are left with the feeling that this is by no means the end of the story. In February the “How Have You Been? - The Tour” will continue with stops in Europe, UK and North America. All tour dates can be found at:



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