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Listen to “The Wanderer” HERE 

Watch the official music video HERE


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19 JANUARY 2024 (TORONTO, ON) — Grammy® Award winning composer, songwriter, and producer Stephan Moccio today announces his new album, Legends, Myths and Lavender, to be released on May 10 via Decca / Republic Records / Universal Music Canada, with whom he is signed to a new joint agreement. Recorded from the legendary Miraval Studios, recently relaunched by Brad Pitt and Damien Quintard in the South of France, the album is a profound personal statement from Moccio, crafted over a transformative 26-day period, during which he returned to his musical roots, immersed himself in the inspiring surroundings and focused solely on the creation of this record. 


“The record is me coming to grips with my mortality,” said Moccio.  “Now, I’m questioning how I want to approach music for the rest of my life. I want to make sure I put out art that’s truthful, relevant, and moving. In the pop world, I’m known for these epic, big productions. The exercise of returning to piano is to simplify my life, use my ten fingers, my heart, and my brain and see what I can do with one instrument.”  Of Miraval Studios, he shared, “Being in France, I was talking to myself in my head and heart. In many respects, my music is just a way to get out of the noise of daily life. Between the architecture, the winery, the food, and the serenity, it was the perfect recipe for Legends, Myths and Lavender.”


In conjunction with today's announcement, Moccio shares a glimpse of his forthcoming record with the release of the first single and accompanying music video for "The Wanderer.”  Hinging on an intricate left-handed melody that he intentionally composed over time, the track’s delicate emotion evokes the introspective transience of a wandering spirit.  “For me, it’s a lost person who floats around trying to find a path,” said Moccio.  “That was the spirit of Miraval. You could say there are a lot of bygone souls there who never found their way. I like to think I’m determined and I know exactly where I’m going. However, all of the great things in my life have happened unexpectedly. They weren’t planned; they simply happened along the way.”


 Listen to “The Wanderer” HERE

Watch the official music video HERE


Legends, Myths and Lavender will be Moccio’s first release via Decca / Republic Records. Of his recent signing, Founder and CEO of Republic Records Monte Lipman said, "My dear friend Stephan is a rare virtuoso whose talents transcend all boundaries. He is also a brilliant artist who exhibits an exceptional skill in both producing and creating music.  Stephan has an incredible ability to empathize with other artists in the studio, leading to incredible music which stands the test of time.”


The forthcoming album marks yet another milestone on an unbelievable journey thus far for Moccio.  As a composer, songwriter, arranger, and producer, his presence has resounded throughout popular culture. In 2002, he collaborated with Céline Dion on “A New Day Has Come,” making history by holding #1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart for 21 weeks. He co-wrote and produced the 7x-platinum “Wrecking Ball” for Miley Cyrus. Plus, he joined forces with The Weeknd for the RIAA diamond-certified “Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey),” receiving an Academy® Award nomination and three GRAMMY® Award nominations. His catalog has notably expanded with anthems for Andrea Bocelli, Avril Lavigne, Dua Lipa, James Blunt, Seal, and many more, notching seven Billboard Hot 100 hits and tallying 5 billion streams and counting. Among his solo material, 2020’s Tales of Solace yielded “Fracture,” generating north of 90 million Spotify streams. Meanwhile, the acclaimed follow-up Lionheart garnered a 2023 Juno Award nomination in the category of “Instrumental Album of the Year.


Legends, Myths, and Lavender Track List

  1. Home
  2. Hollywood
  3. The Wanderer
  4. Make-believe
  5. Drive Song
  6. Communion
  7. Lavender Fields
  8. The Sound of Snow
  9. Soleil de Provence
  10. Nightingale
  11. Nineteen Years
  12. A Daydream in Camelot
  13. Something Almost, But Not Quite
  14. You Can’t Run From Yourself
  15. The Unveiling
  16. If I Didn’t Have You
  17. Polaris


Hi-resolution image available HERE

Photo Credit: Stephan Moccio



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