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"Peace Of Mind is a raw and unfiltered portrayal of himself as a person and the city that raised him" - HotNewHipHop


 "a powerful solo debut from a member of Toronto's hottest crew” - Exclaim! 


"Jay Whiss has proven he's here to stay" - Sidewalk Hustle

"engaging, vulnerable and organic" - Sidedoor Magazine

"the beats mostly chill, almost ethereal (as on “Don’t Change On Me,” “Dark Cloud,” and “Either Way”) and the hardness coming from his lyrics, tone, and flow." - Complex Canada



03 MARCH 2020 (TORONTO, ON) — After years in the making, Toronto rapper Jay Whiss is now able to cement himself in the game with his first solo full-length project. His highly anticipated debut album, Peace of Mind, out today, showcases who Whiss is as an artist through introspective lyrics and collaborations with his closest friends such as Murda Beatz, Jimmy Prime, Donnie, and Puffy L'z. Peace of Mind is classic, authentic hip hop packed with raw honesty, loyalty, and perseverance. Like the Jay-Z and Nas albums that guided him in his youth, Whiss shares his story in a language his audience can understand on this powerful debut album.


Listen to Peace Of Mind HERE


“With this album, I wanted any listener to have a real, in-depth look into who I am as a person and as a man,” says Whiss. “I’ve always wanted to use my platform to get through to people who may have a similar upbringing to mine because music and certain artists have helped me navigate through life and become who I am today.” 


Whiss’s most personal song on the album, “Mind In A Maze”, is one he calls “the song I’ve always wanted to make. I hope people can take what they can from it.” The substance of Whiss’s rhymes are undeniable in the song he calls his favourite of his career:

I think I'm goin crazy, I might need a therapist

I rip my heart out on these songs it gets embarrassing

'cause I don't fuck with niggas, doesn't mean I'm arrogant

I just lost faith in people, look what I've been dealing with


Music has always been a passionate outlet that Whiss and the Prime Boys have built their community upon as they grew up together in Toronto’s Esplanade neighbourhood. That loyalty and support for each other is evident on several tracks throughout Peace of Mind including “Left Me For Dead” featuring Jimmy Prime and the previously released singles, “Lay Low” featuring Donnie and “Valet” featuring Puffy L’z. Kicking off the album is the Murda Beatz and Cu Beatz produced track, “Don’t Change On Me”, which sets the tone for the record with Whiss’s ambition dominating bar after bar:


I'm goin places and it's obvious (hell yeah)

Whatchu know about insomnia (what)

What you know about drivin yourself so crazy it gives you nausea (crazy)

No older bro, no older head

Nobody ever taught me this (no one)

Still I got this shit, yeah I got this shit, yeah look I got all this shit (all of it, all of it, all of it)


Always planning the next project, Jay Whiss is continuously bringing fire tracks with meaningful lyrical weight, proving the depth of his artistry and his passion for music. 


Peace of Mind is available now on all digital service platforms via Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company. 



Peace of Mind


  1. Don’t Change On Me 
  2. Dark Cloud
  3. Please 
  4. Valet (Featuring Puffy L'z)
  5. Left Me For Dead (Featuring Jimmy Prime)
  6. Lay Low (Featuring Donnie)
  7. Back Track
  8. Know Right
  9. Either Way
  10. Mind In A Maze




Jay Whiss first made waves in the industry when he was featured on the 2016 debut mixtape by his long-time friend and collaborator, multi-platinum producer Murda Beatz. Their single “Brown Money” racked up over 300k streams on Soundcloud and led to Whiss being pegged by industry insiders and notable U.S. blogs like HotNewHipHop as one of a handful of “Toronto Artists To Watch.” In 2018, Whiss got nods from a wide range of noteworthy media including The FADER, VICE, Complex and Exclaim (9/10) with the critically acclaimed release of Koba World, the album he released with the Prime Boys collective alongside fellow crew members Jimmy Prime and Donnie. Last Spring, Jay Whiss dropped his first solo music in over two years with his debut solo EP Dark Cloud.


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