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17 OCTOBER 2019 (TORONTO, ON) - Julia Jacklin is having one hell of a year. After releasing her sophomore album Crushing to rave reviews world wide, the Australian singer-songwriter hasn’t slowed down. Jacklin just wrapped her third US tour for 2019, including a spellbinding set at Austin City Limits. She’ll return to North America in just under a month for a national headlining run. Full list of tour dates available online now, and Canadian dates are listed below.


Today she has released the long awaited video for album favorite “Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You”. The video was filmed in the upstairs function room of a Turkish restaurant called Alaska on Melbourne's Sydney road. Julia says about not seeing the singer's face in the video, "I find it sad how much we can never really know how someone’s feeling no matter how much we think we know them. We’re all holding back in someway. Our inner lives can be so weird and loud that we all have to hold back a bit in order to exist and function in the world. He’s not really a part of what’s she’s processing in that costume shop red dress, he can’t really be let into those thoughts, she’s gotta figure it out herself."


Watch the music video for “Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You” HERE


Jacklin has been nominated for a massive six ARIA Awards (the Australian Grammy equivalent) including Best Female Artist and Best Independent Release. 


KEXP have also posted their gorgeous session video, which includes performances of "Don't Know How To Keep Loving You," "Head Alone," "Turn Me Down," and "Pressure To Party." Watch the session HERE


Crushing was released this February via Polyvinyl/Universal Music Canada, the country's leading music company. The stunning album has received the highest of praise from critics around the world cementing Jacklin as one of the most prolific singer/songwriters right now. Listen to Crushing HERE.


"Crushing rejects complex production in favor of clarity: Jacklin's subtly powerful voice sits way up front in the mix, largely untouched by reverb or effects, which lends it an appropriate sense of vulnerability. Although her guitar stands out... the instrumentation largely serves as a platter on which her lyrics sit." - NPR


"“Head Alone” sounds at first like placid folk-rock, with two strummed guitar chords behind Australian songwriter Julia Jacklin’s reedy voice. But that’s resolve, not complacency; she’s fuming, and the reason soon emerges: “I don’t want to be touched all the time,” she sings. By the end of the song, she’s got a rallying cry: “Say it till he understands/ You can love somebody without using your hands.”" - New York Times


"['Crushing'] The result is a profound statement that stands as an early candidate for this year’s strongest singer-songwriter breakthrough." - Rolling Stone


"That sense of surprise, the risk-taking of an artist daring to dig for truth, no matter how inconvenient or uncomfortable it might be, isn’t something to be taken for granted. That it informs every song suggests that “Crushing” is likely to become one of the year’s enduring albums." - Chicago Tribune


"Julia Jacklin's Crushing is exquisite" - Pitchfork


"Julia Jacklin’s second LP, Crushing, is a testament to the singer/songwriter’s sullen genius. One only needs to listen to melancholic opener “Body” or the unsettling track “Good Guy” to hear Jacklin’s striking emotionality. Throughout Crushing, mind, heart, and body aren’t exactly in sync, and themes of boundaries and limitations are a vague (but looming) narrative. With twinges of almost-country and almost-folk melodies, Jacklin’s mid-tempo pop is intentionally bare, accentuating her lyrical rawness. Varied songs with fingerpicked guitar, piano compositions, and upbeat anthems make Crushing an album with something for everyone" - Bust


"["Body"] A maudlin song about your shitty boyfriend being arrested on a plane for smoking in the toilets. What’s not to love?" - The FADER


"Focus on the emotions and scenes she conjures with her carefully chosen words and you start to appreciate Crushing for what it is: Nothing less than an awakening." - THERINGER


Catch Julia Jacklin On Tour:

November 12 - Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Theatre #

November 19 - Vancouver, BC @ Venue #


# w/ Christian Lee Hutson



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