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"For Fans of: Phoenix, fun., Glass Animals. Sounds Like: Electronic pop mixing Eighties flash, blue-eyed soul, and the ongoing search for genuine connection on a smart phone." – Rolling Stone (10 artists you need to know) 

“LANY are the alternative synth threesome out to take over not just the East and West coasts of America but the entire world...”Wonderland

“LANY are what would result if The 1975 and Frank Ocean had a sleepover and watched Purple Rain on repeat for two dreary days in Brooklyn, then flew to L.A and hit the studio.” NYLON

20 JANUARY 2017 (Toronto, ON) - LA-based trio LANY share the darkly thrilling video to accomany their debut single ‘ILYSB’ (I love you so bad) which was released November 2016 via Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company. The clip starts with a seemingly innocent road trip before the trio, led by songwriter and lead vocalist Paul Klein, take a sinister obsession into their own hands with echoes of cult indie film Funny Games. Watch it HERE.  Speaking about the video, Klein reveals, It would have been the least creative, most predictable thing in the world to run thru a field and fly down the PCH in a convertible with the ‘love of my life,’ hand-in-hand, wind-in-hair. I had an opportunity to flip the script, to beautifully blindside the fan and the critic. I turned ‘ILYSB’ into a tragedy of unhealthy obsession and unrequited love that ultimately led to psychotic behavior and total derailment.  The track itself has been rapidly building in momentum over the past few months, amassing over 31.5 million Spotify streams making LANY Spotify Discover’s most streamed artist and song of all time.  LANY make music that aims an arrow at your heart; beautiful songs with swashes of synth, spare percussion, echoes of prime 1980s FM pop, of early-1990s R&B, of new-wave electronica, combining melody and lyrics to put down roots in your head and capture your heart. Recorded in a tiny room on an ancient laptop, their songs are devastating and beautiful, in a way that you can’t quite explain.  Stay tuned for news on LANY’s eagerly awaited debut album, coming this year.

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