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07 OCTOBER 2022 (TORONTO, ON) – Today, Platinum-certified dance-pop artist, Rêve unveils her vibrant new track, "Whitney," via Universal Music Canada, the country's leading music company, 31 East, and Astralwerks.

Produced by Joel Stouffer and Banx & Ranx, "Whitney" is a dedication to the many artists that the Montreal-born artist grew up admiring with the hopes that one day she too could make people feel the way that her idols made her feel. Written by Rêve and Joel Stouffer, "Whitney" brings the chart-topping artist’s vision and younger self to life in a colourful vibe and groove featuring a touch of nostalgia with an interpolation of Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman,” written by the celebrated songwriting duo Ashford & Simpson. The single is accompanied by a 12” Mix version of the track available here, along with the official music video directed by Dan LeMoyne (The Weeknd, Diplo) featuring Rêve alongside a “younger version” of herself.
On the inspiration behind the new song, Rêve says, “I wrote 'Whitney' back in 2017 when my life looked a lot different than it does today. I'd come home from my 9-5 job and write songs, while daydreaming of a life where I'd be able to do music full time. "Whitney" was written as an homage to my childhood idols, highlighting all of the things I admired about them. The way they made me feel while I watched them entertain has stuck with me throughout the years and has been the driving force behind the pursuit of my own career as an artist. 'Whitney' is also about realizing that there is already an icon inside of all of us. It's about embracing your femininity, your masculinity, all of our strengths, and our faults because THAT is what makes us truly unique.”
Since making her major-label debut in 2021 with "Still Dancing," Rêve has amassed over 79 million combined global streams. Since then, the breakout artist has released a number of original singles, including the irresistible "SKIN 2 SKIN," her airy track "Layover," the flirtatious "Tongue," and her chart-topping track "CTRL + ALT + DEL" which went Platinum in under eight months since its release and was recently featured on Canada's Drag Race. Popularity and critical praise continue to grow for Rêve with features and extended versions of her original tracks from artists like BILLEN TED, Slater Manzo, Lee Vent, Kito, KALM, Lemon and Ceréna. Along with features on tracks like COMANAVAGO’s “Meat,” Jonasu’s “All Night & Every Day,” Merk & Kremont’s “U&U,” and her co-signers, multi-Platinum producer-songwriters Banx & Ranx’s “Headphones,” which has seen praise from such outlets as Dancing Astronaut and Complex, alongside maintaining Canadian radio chart domination.
With a sonic prowess of playful, pop, and R&B-influenced dance music that draws inspiration from the heydays of 90s sophisticated Euro sound, Rêve’s artistry is meant to inspire, empower, and shed light on the importance of embracing yourself and the world around you. Coupled with honest storytelling, hooking melodies, and innovative sonic tones, Rêve’s alluring take on dance-pop artistry continues to captivate audiences as she cements herself as one of this generation's most promising artists.
Emerging confidently as one of the brightest dance-pop stars, Rêve’s “Whitney” is set to progress the artist’s already chart-topping dominance in 2022. Stay up to date with more to come from Rêve by signing up to her mailing list HERE
Photo Credit: Christine Do