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13 OCTOBER 2023 (TORONTO, ON) – Today Ringo Starr’s 4th EP, Rewind Forward, is released worldwide on digital, CD, and 10” vinyl and available for streaming everywhere.


The EP features 4 new songs:

  1. Shadows On The Wall
  2. Feeling The Sunlight
  3. Rewind Forward
  4. Miss Jean


Rewind Forward was written with his engineer, and oft co-writer, Bruce Sugar. "We've been writing a song now for every EP," said Ringo. “Rewind Forward was just one of those things I say and it made sense in the moment. Like a Hard Days Night - I thought, why don’t we just Rewind Forward? To make sense of it, sometimes it is good to go back and move forward from a place you left off, you don’t ever have to live in the past but it is good to check it occasionally.” 


The other tracks find Starr collaborating with old and new friends - including longtime All Starr Steve Lukather and his Toto bandmate Joe Williams who wrote the opening track “Shadows on the Wall;” “I asked Luke for a song - him and Joe Williams - and they put meat on it - so I wasn’t just getting a basic track I have to add everything to - it has guitar and bass and all I have to do is add my vocals and drums. Of course I always do the drums and sing - it is my EP!” 


Paul McCartney wrote “Feeling the Sunlight” “We were Facetiming as we sometimes do and I asked him if he had a song or would write one for this EP I am making. A week later he sent the track over and he’s all over it - which is great -  playing EVERYthing, “ Ringo continues with a laugh, “including the drums!!!!!  So we had to take them off - I did the drums and the vocals.”


For the fourth and final track, “Miss Jean,” Ringo collaborated with Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers. “We had played together on an Ian Hunter track (which was number 1 on the Heritage chart - whatever that chart is!) and I’d played on a Tom Petty track. But this was the first song Mike has ever written for me,  which I loved. I put drums on it and sang it and he put everything else on it - that’s how it works.”  That “everything else” also included the work of fellow Heartbreaker and one of Ringo’s dear friends Benmont Tench. 


In addition, the EP features contributions from Joe Walsh, Steve Dudas, Lance Morrison, as well as Matt Bissonnette, Torrance Klein, Weston Wilson, Kip Lennon, Marky Lennon (full credit listing below). 


All songs were recorded at Ringo’s home studio in Los Angeles (except for “Feeling the Sunlight” where Paul recorded all his parts in the UK). 


Today also marks the wrap up of Ringo and his All Starr Band’s Fall tour which began September 15 at Lake Tahoe Arena, with a special stop in Nashville where Ringo was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame before playing the legendary Ryman, and concludes tonight,  October 13, 2023, in Thackerville, OK.  Touring steadily since 1989, this current iteration continued the tradition of playing hits and delighting fans, as well as garnering praise from the press: 


“Ringo brings hits, humor, peace and love and jumping jacks to Mystic Lake”

Minneapolis Star Tribune 


“...a fabulous evening shared with some of the most impactful songs and talented artists that have left a footprint in musical history forever.”

 Soundcheck (Modesto CA)


“Rock Legend Ringo Starr Still Shines Bright at Raucous Ryman Return in Nashville”

Music City Nashville 


“Ringo and His All Starrs delighted the sing-along audience…”

Detroit Metro 


“Ringo’s Star is Shining Bright… The All Starr Band is an ever-evolving lineup of some of the most talented classic rockers… There were more standing ovations in two hours than I can recall!”

 Twin Cities Media 


“The crowd stood throughout the show and gave a tremendous ovation at the conclusion. A purveyor of peace and love, Ringo proved he can still rock a stage, especially with a little help from his friends.”

Global Traveler (Chicago)


More about Ringo:  

2023 has seen Ringo and his All Starr Band complete a Spring and Fall tour. This past July 7, Ringo celebrated his birthday with his annual Peace & Love celebration in Beverly Hills where he was joined by family, friends and fans and a musical tribute by Silversun Pickups, Blake Mills and King Tuff as well as peace & love celebrations in 25 countries around the globe and into the universe via NASA who spread the message from Barstow California based station in the Deep Space Network. Last year Ringo released EP3 on September 16, 2022 and on November 18, 2022 EP3 was issued on 10” vinyl and blue cassette and accompanied with a new music video, “Everyone and Everything.” On November 25, 2022 Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band Live at the Greek 2019 (Roccabella via BFD/The Orchard) was released on Blu Ray, DVD, CD and a special yellow double vinyl. Ringo also toured with his All Starr Band with both Spring and Fall tour dates. Additionally, Ringo created 500 life sized “Peace and Love” sculptures of his iconic hand symbol. These were sold exclusively through Julien’s Auctions to benefit the Lotus Foundation.


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Full Credits below:

Ringo Starr | Rewind Forward


Shadows On the Wall   3:26
Music & lyrics:
Steve Lukather
Joseph Williams
Ray Williams

Drums and Vocals & Percussion: Ringo Starr

Guitars: Steve Lukather

Backing Vocals   Joseph Williams

Acoustic Guitar   Weston Wilson

Bass: Torrance Klein

Recording Engineer’s: Bruce Sugar, Joseph Williams, Steve Maggiora


Feeling the Sunlight  3:06   Paul McCartney

Recorded at Hog Hill Mill

Produced by Paul McCartney

Drums and Vocals & Percussion: Ringo Starr

Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Zither, Backing Vocals:   

Paul McCartney

Acoustic Guitar: Steve Dudas

Piano: Bruce Sugar

Engineered by Steve Orchard  Bruce Sugar

Assisted by Keith Smith


Rewind Forward 3:33  Starkey-Sugar

Drums, Vocals  &  Percussion :Ringo Starr

Guitar: Joe Walsh

Guitar: Steve Dudas

Bass- Matt Bissonette 

Keyboards: Bruce Sugar

Backing Vocals: Kip Lennon, Marky Lennon  


Miss Jean 4:45   Written by Mike Campbell

Drums,Vocals  :Ringo Starr

Guitars  Backing Vocals   : Mike Campbell

Bass: Lance Morrison  

Piano:   Benmont  Tench

Engineered by Martin Pradler


Produced by Ringo Starr, Bruce Sugar

Recorded & Mixed by Bruce Sugar

Recorded at Roccabella West  Los Angeles  CA

Mastered by Chris Bellman @Bernie Grundman Mastering



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