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Siren songstress from ABBA has new album


Brand new single “When You Really Loved Someone”out today!

  TORONTO, ON, 11 March 2013 – “Never thought that I’d ever sing again. But hearing the first three songs, I just couldn’t say no!”   With these words, one of popular music’s most recognisable and celebrated names of the past 40 years – Agnetha Fältskog – signals her return to the spotlight.  The siren songstress from ABBA is coming back with a new album ‘A’, due for release in May and preceded by a curtain-raising track, “When You Really Loved Someone", which is available as a single to buy from TODAY, Monday March 11.  Agnetha’s new official website (, Facebook (, Twitter (@AgnethaOfficial) and VEVO channel featuring the brand new video for “When You Really Loved Someone” will all be live from today.   Agnetha has been working with renowned, Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Jorgen Elofsson – who has been responsible for hits by Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion and Westlife, among others – and acclaimed producer/arranger Peter Nordahl on her brand new album.   “She wanted to make music again,” says Elofsson, “We could feel that.  She had been thinking about it.  Basically, she’s a musician, a songwriter/singer who hasn’t done that for a while.  We saw her open up, become much happier, with music again in her life.”   ‘A’ features one of Agnetha first co-writes in many years: “I hadn’t written any music for a long, long time,” she says.  “But I sat at the piano and suddenly it was there.”   Anticipated by millions of ABBA fans worldwide, Agnetha’s brand new material is being released by Universal Music Group, the globe’s music leader.  Max Hole, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Universal Music Group International, added: “You can imagine the excitement that all of us felt at the prospect of Agnetha making new music.  So we were determined that she would choose Universal to bring that music to the world, and we are gratified that she did.  This is a dream project for so many people inside our company, and for Agnetha's fans around the globe.”   ‘A’ was recorded and produced by Jörgen Elofsson and Peter Nordahl: “We wanted to make this as if Agnetha hadn’t entered ABBA,” says Elofsson.  “We were interested in what she sounded like if she hadn’t been in the group.  And yet it’s important that she comes across as we remember her to be.”