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Photo credit: Mu Tunc


22 APRIL 2021 (TORONTO, ON) - 2020 saw the release of Sophie Hutchings’ epic Scattered On The Wind 11-track album. Now, a year later and ahead of Sophie’s fresh body of work named Love & Keep, Sophie’s message of nature’s infinite importance is still at the forefront of her work. To aptly mark the occasion, Sophie has joined international director Mu Tunc in a stunning, poignant visual creation.


“Scattered On The Wind’ Part I & II lay a symbolic foundation to the overall theme throughout the album. It tells an otherworldly like tale of a character who has this insight into the natural elements. It’s her domain where she’s content spending her time alone feeling very much at one with all of that. Whether it be diving into the very deepest depths of the ocean, or being in the middle of a vast wilderness amidst a colossal thunder storm or roaming the woods in the darkness of night. Perhaps an environment where one might feel a little unsettled, she feels at ease, without any form of vulnerability.” - Sophie


Mu Tunc is an Istanbul native that’s surrounded himself with a wider form of arts than most, from a young age. He became one of the youngest creative directors in Turkey at 19 years of age and continued to amalgamate his love for innovative visuals and diverse soundscapes. An obsession with independent cinema led to an experimental series self-named, Diary of Mu. Today, his Turkish punk focused film is screened at international film festivals including MAD Museum of Arts, Design New York, Istanbul Modern Museum and Rome Independent Film Festival. 


Mu Tunc and Sophie Hutchings have synthesized their distinctive set of talents for an ethereal tale of nature and symbolism. With a fondness for open spaces found in the natural world, Sophie wanted to present the power of a mindful outdoors experience. Mu Tunc utilised elements of their environment as a muse, and created a vivid representation of several women that each reflects a different facet of oneself. The piece beautifully explores aspects of vulnerability, freedom and feeling at one in an unknown, potentially rugged terrain.



Sophie Hutchings’ Love & Keep EP is out May 28




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