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12 DECEMBER 2017 (Toronto, ON) – Craft Recordings, the catalogue division of Concord Music Group, is pleased to announce the release of Stax Singles, Vol. 4: Rarities & The Best Of The Rest, a 6-CD box set that delves deep into the Stax Records archives, and explores the label’s efforts to diversify their output. This new addition to the critically acclaimed series of Stax singles boxes offers a more profound study of the Memphis label’s catalogue, including long-forgotten B-sides and rarities, and focusing not just on soul tunes – for which the label was most famous – but also offering a cross-section of rock, pop, blues, gospel and country recordings from 1960-1975. Available January 19 via Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company, the collection will also include an 80-page booklet, offering four essays by music journalist Lee Hildebrand, writer and producer Alec Palao, box set co-producer Bill Belmont and Rob Bowman, author of Soulsville U.S.A.: The Story Of Stax Records, and producer of Vol. 4’s discs 1-3.

Featuring recordings from the catalogues of both Craft and Rhino Entertainment, this comprehensive box set is the perfect companion piece to Vols. 1-3. In his introduction, co-producer Bill Belmont discusses the concept behind Vol. 4 stating, “Over the years, within the collector-fan circuit, and in reissues and collections of vintage Stax material worldwide, some ‘B’ sides have attained a status comparable to the promoted work.”  Rob Bowman adds, in his essay regarding the soul portion of the box, “[Stax’s B-sides] are, by and large, better than most companies’ A-sides.”  Continues Belmont, “Stax’s ‘other side’…has never been presented on its own – thus here, the “other” [imprints] are all gathered under the Stax umbrella; part of the all-encompassing rubric ‘where everything is everything.’”

While Stax is primarily known for its soul music, with Vols. 1-3 focused exclusively on that genre, the label also managed a variety of imprints throughout the ’60s and ’70s. At the time, many of the releases explored new sonic avenues, including rock (from Ardent, Enterprise and Hip), gospel (Chalice, Gospel Truth) and country (Enterprise). Also compiled are several instrumental and blues tracks from the earliest days of the label, when it was known as Satellite Records. The collection includes over 60 wide-ranging artists, including the Staple Singers, Big Star, the Bar-Kays, Jean Knight, Don Nix, the Rance Allen Group and Johnnie Taylor.

Stax Singles, Vol. 4: Rarities & The Best Of The Rest comes at the conclusion of a wide-ranging, year-long celebration of Stax Records’ 60th Anniversary by both Craft and Rhino. Throughout 2017, the two labels have collectively released over 15 vinyl reissues, including Rufus Thomas’ debut, Walking The Dog, Sam & Dave’s, Soul Men and Carla Thomas’, Carla LP (Rhino). Special attention was also focused on two Stax giants this year: Isaac Hayes and Otis Redding. Craft released a series of remastered, high-resolution digital reissues for Hayes (vinyl reissues will follow in 2018) as well as the critically acclaimed box set, Spirit Of Memphis (1962-1976). Rhino paid tribute to Redding with mono editions of Soul Ballads and The Soul Album, as well as a forthcoming seven-LP vinyl box, The Definitive Studio Albums Collection, while Concord released the double LP Live From The Whisky A Go Go earlier in the year. Additionally, during the Stax 60th celebration, both labels collaborated on the Stax Classics series of CDs, highlighting Stax’s biggest stars, while the 3-CD collection Soulsville U.S.A. culled material from both Concord’s and Rhino’s masters, much like Stax Singles, Vol. 4.

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Track Listing:

Disc 1

  1. Carla & Rufus: Deep Down Inside
  2. Rufus And Friend: Yeah, Yea-Ah
  3. Prince Conley: All The Way
  4. The Canes: I’ll Never Give Her Up
  5. The Astors: Just Enough To Hurt Me
  6. Eddie Kirk: I Found A Brand New Love
  7. Rufus Thomas: Fine And Mellow
  8. Booker T. & The Mg’s: Fannie Mae
  9. Floyd Newman: Sassy
  10. Rufus Thomas: I Want To Get Married
  11. Bobby Marchan: That’s The Way That It Goes
  12. The Cobras: Shake Up
  13. Barbara And The Browns: You Belong To Her
  14. Dorothy Williams: Watchdog
  15. Baracudas: Free For All
  16. Barbara And The Browns: I Don’t Want Trouble
  17. Gorgeous George: Sweet Thing
  18. The Astors: I Found Out
  19. Rufus & Carla Thomas: We’re Tight
  20. Rufus Thomas: Chicken Scratch
  21. Ruby Johnson: Weak Spot
  22. Rufus Thomas: Talkin’ Bout True Love
  23. Mable John: If You Give Up What You Got (You’ll See What You Lost)
  24. Sam And Dave: A Small Portion Of Your Love
  25. Ruby Johnson: Keep On Keeping On
  26. Rufus Thomas: Greasy Spoon
  27. Mable John: Left Over Love
  28. Ollie & The Nightingales: Girl, You Have My Heart Singing
  29. Mable John: Don’t Get Caught

Disc 2

  1. Shirley Walton: I’m So Glad You’re Back
  2. Delaney & Bonnie: We’ve Just Been Feeling Bad
  3. Linda Lyndell: I Don’t Know
  4. Judy Clay & William Bell: Love-Eye-Tis
  5. Judy Clay: Remove These Clouds
  6. The Staple Singers: Stay With Us
  7. Rufus Thomas: So Hard To Get Along With
  8. Jeanne & The Darlings: I Like What You’re Doing To Me
  9. Booker T. & The Mg’s: Over Easy
  10. Mable John: Shouldn’t I Love Him
  11. William Bell & Judy Clay: Left Over Love
  12. Jimmy Hughes: Sweet Things You Do
  13. Art Jerry Miller: Grab A Handful
  14. Eddie Floyd: Consider Me
  15. Booker T. & The Mg’s: Soul Clap ’69
  16. Jeanne & The Darlings: Standing In The Need Of Your Love
  17. The Bar-Kays: I Thank You
  18. The Soul Children: Make It Good
  19. Ollie & The Nightingales: I’ll Be Your Everything
  20. William Bell: Let Me Ride
  21. Booker T. & The Mg’s: Sunday Sermon
  22. Carla Thomas: Hi De Ho (That Old Sweet Roll)
  23. Shack: A Love Affair That Bears No Pain
  24. The Nightingales: Just A Little Overcome
  25. The Newcomers: Mannish Boy

Disc 3

  1. Ilana: Let Love Fill Your Heart
  2. The Soul Children: Ridin’ On Love’s Merry-Go-Round
  3. Hot Sauce: I Can’t Win For Losing
  4. Lee Sain: Ain’t Nobody Like My Baby
  5. Hot Sauce: Echoes From The Past
  6. The Mad Lads: Did My Baby Call
  7. Isaac Hayes & David Porter: Baby I’m-A Want You
  8. Jean Knight: Pick Up The Pieces
  9. Johnnie Taylor: Stop Teasing Me
  10. Isaac Hayes: Type Thang
  11. John Gary Williams: In Love With You
  12. Major Lance: Since I Lost My Baby’s Love
  13. Hot Sauce: Mama’s Baby (Daddy’s Maybe)
  14. The Soul Children: Poem On The School House Door
  15. Rufus Thomas: That Makes Christmas Day
  16. The Staple Singers: What’s Your Thing
  17. Shirley Brown: Yes Sir Brother
  18. Hot Sauce: Funny
  19. Frederick Knight: Let’s Make A Deal
  20. The Green Brothers: Can’t Give You Up (I Love You Too Much)
  21. John Gary Williams: Just Ain’t No Love (Without You Here)

Disc 4

  1. Sid Selvidge: The Ballad Of Otis B. Watson
  2. The Caboose: Black Hands White Cotton
  3. Dallas County: Love’s Not Hard To Find
  4. Casper Peters: April
  5. Clark Sullivan: Reaching For A Rainbow
  6. Billy Eckstine: I Wanna Be Your Baby
  7. Chuck Boris: Why Did It Take So Long
  8. Barbara Lewis: Why Did It Take So Long
  9. Finley Brown: Gypsy
  10. B. Mcclinton: Slip Away
  11. Billy Eckstine: When Something Is Wrong
  12. Ben Atkins: Good Times Are Coming
  13. River City Street Band: Some Other Man
  14. B. Mcclinton: Don’t Let The Green Grass Fool You
  15. Big Ben: Would I Be Better Gone?
  16. Don Nix: Black Cat Moan
  17. Don Nix: She’s A Friend Of Mine
  18. Larry Raspberry And The Highsteppers: Rock ’N Roll Warning
  19. Chico Hamilton: Conquistadores ’74
  20. Cliff Cochran: The Way I’m Needing You
  21. Connie Eaton: Let’s Get Together
  22. Karen Casey: The Way I’m Needing You

Disc 5

  1. Poor Little Rich Kids: Stop – Quit It
  2. Lonnie Duvall: Cigarettes
  3. Poor Little Rich Kids: It’s Mighty Clear
  4. The Honey Jug: Warm City Baby
  5. The Goodees: For A Little While
  6. The Honey Jug: For Your Love
  7. Kangaroo’s: Groovy Day
  8. Bobby Whitlock: And I Love You
  9. Southwest F.O.B.: Smell Of Incense
  10. The Goodees: Condition Red
  11. Billy Lee Riley: Family Portrait
  12. This Generation: The Children Have Your Tongue
  13. Billy Lee Riley: Show Me Your Soul
  14. The Waters: Day In And Out
  15. The Village Sound: Hey Jack (Don’t Hijack My Plane)
  16. The Cheques: Cool My Desire
  17. The Goodees: Goodies
  18. Paris Pilot: Miss Rita Famous
  19. The Knowbody Else: Someone Something
  20. Cargoe: Feel Alright
  21. Big Star: In The Street
  22. Cargoe: I Love You Anyway
  23. The Hot Dogs: Say What You Mean
  24. Big Star: O My Soul
  25. The Hot Dogs: I Walk The Line
  26. Big Star: September Gurls

Disc 6

  1. The Dixie Nightingales: The Assassination
  2. The Dixie Nightingales: Hush Hush
  3. The Dixie Nightingales: I Don’t Know
  4. The Stars Of Virginia: Wade In The Water
  5. The Dixie Nightingales: Forgive These Fools
  6. The Jubilee Hummingbirds: Our Freedom Song (Free At Last)
  7. The Jubilee Hummingbirds: Press My Dying Pillow
  8. The Pattersonaires: God’s Promise
  9. Maceo Woods And The Christian Tabernacle Baptist Church Choir: Hello Sunshine
  10. Roebuck “Pop” Staples: Tryin’ Time
  11. Terry Lynn Community Choir: His Love Will Always Be
  12. Reverend W. Bernard Avant Jr. & The St. James Gospel Choir: Don’t Let The Green Grass Fool You (Don’t Let The Devil Fool You)
  13. The Rance Allen Group: There’s Gonna Be A Showdown
  14. The Rance Allen Group: That Will Be Good Enough For Me
  15. Reverend Maceo Woods & The Christian Tabernacle Concert Choir: The Magnificent Sanctuary Band (Marching For The Man)
  16. Louise Mccord: Better Get A Move On
  17. Charles May & Annette May Thomas: Satisfied
  18. The Rance Allen Group: I Got To Be Myself
  19. The People’s Choir Of Operation Push Under The Direction Of Reverend Marvin Yancy: He Included Me
  20. The Rance Allen Group: We’re The Salt Of The Earth
  21. Louise Mccord: Reflections
  22. The Rance Allen Group: Ain’t No Need Of Crying