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Stompin’ Tom Connors – Unreleased: Songs From The Vault Vol. 1



Unreleased: Songs From The Vault Collection Volume 01 Marks the First Collection of Many More to Come

  27 MARCH 2014 (Toronto, ON) – Universal Music Canada (UMC), the country’s leading music company, announces the welcome continuation of Stompin’ Tom Connors’s recorded music legacy with Unreleased: Songs From The Vault Collection Volume 01, available April 01. The preeminently Canadian musical legend died unexpectedly last year with 120 recordings in, as he put it, ‘The Vault,’ completed as a safeguard against the possibility that he should at some point find himself unable to continue in the studio. Devoted fans will now be cheered to learn that Tom’s book has many chapters still to be issued. In 2011, following what was to become his final concert tour, Stompin’ Tom Connors entered the studio with an epic project in mind. Tom envisioned a 10 album set, drawn from a selection of old songs that formed the basis of his repertoire when he first began performing in the ‘50s. This was back when he could sing, from memory, over 2500 songs and long before he wrote many of his own hits we all know today. Although the issuing of these recordings wasn’t underway in his lifetime, the wealth of material already compiled signifies many releases to come. “Stompin’ Tom’s music has delighted generations of Canadians and will ever continue to do so,” says Warren Stewart, Director of Catalogue Marketing at UMC. “The sadness at an iconic artist’s passing is tempered by the news that there remain recordings from the great man that are still to be shared. As a company, we’re proud of being entrusted with the honour of continuing to bring Tom’s music to the world.” With details on subsequent releases to come, each Volume to be made available over the next several years will include his beloved tunes of bygone eras which inspired Tom to be the traditional Country songwriter who connected with millions of fans. The majority of the tracks are presented in timeless Stompin’ Tom style - just his voice accompanied by his 100+ year old Gibson guitar. Also included are a handful of tracks, hand-picked by his wife Lena, that were some of Tom’s favourite original self-penned songs. "Thank you to all Tom's fans who have supported him over the years. Supporting Stompin' Tom meant you were supporting Canada, and that meant the most to him,” says Tom’s family. “We hope you will enjoy  the selection of Old Time Country Songs that Tom started his career singing and know that the Family will continue to make these new recordings available for years to come." Stompin’ Tom Connors was undeniably one of a kind. His unswerving national pride was the hallmark of his six-decade career of entertaining Canadians at home and spreading this joy worldwide. Tom wrote 24 albums of original material and published several children's books as well as a two-volume best-selling autobiography. He also starred in his own Canadian feature film, "Across This Land", and the CBC television series "Stompin' Tom's Canada". Tom was a recipient of the Order of Canada, the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award, the Queen’s Golden & Diamond Jubilee Medals, three honorary University doctorates, countless industry association awards, and even saw his likeness issued on a Canadian postage stamp. This summer, Summerside PEI will be remounting the theatre production of “The Ballad of Stompin’ Tom”, which follows his early childhood through to the acclaim he achieved with his work. Celebrating Stompin’ Tom Connors will be timely every year as it is in 2014. Unreleased: Songs From The Vault Collection Volume 01 will mark one of this year’s highlights. As Tom would say, "This song ain't over yet!"

  Unreleased: Songs From The Vault Collection Volume 01 tracklisting 1. Truck Drivin' Man 2. Pawn Shop in Pittsburgh 3. Swanee River 4. Little Wawa 5. I'll Sail My Ship Alone 6. Nobody's Child 7. I Overlooked an Orchid 8. Ode for the Road 9 . Blue Ranger 10. Wild Side of Life 11. North To Alaska 12. Cross Canada, aka C.A.N.A.D.A 13. Turkey in The straw (Instrumental) 14. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold 15. Darktown Strutter's Ball 16. Flyin' C.P.R. 17. My Stompin' Grounds