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06 APRIL 2018 (Toronto, ON) – Elton John unveils the eagerly anticipated Revamp via Virgin EMI/Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company. Bringing together a carefully curated selection of the world’s biggest and best artists, Revamp sees Elton and co-writer Bernie Taupin’s best loved songs reinterpreted by some of contemporary music’s most vital talents. The album spans a breathtaking array of styles, shining a light on Elton’s unparalleled influence across popular music of all genres, ranging from Hip-hop / Soul (Q-Tip, Mary J Blige) to Rock (The Killers, Queens of the Stone Age) to Pop (Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, P!nk & Logic).


Leading up to its release, two songs from Revamp arrived earlier this year to a rapturous response from fans and critics alike. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” by Q-Tip and Demi Lovato- reinterpreted as a motown-esque, hip-hop infused strut, marked the first taste of the album. Shortly afterwards, came Lady Gaga’s powerful take on “Your Song”, which came out last week to a raft of acclaim for her knockout vocal performance and stripped back, subtle arrangement.


Artist Quotes


Elton John: “It's always a huge compliment when an artist loves your song enough to take the time and effort to rework it. As songwriters, Bernie and myself are thrilled when singers we admire and respect as much as those on Revamp choose to add their own unique twist in the process. It means that our music is still relevant and ultimately that our songs continue to reach new audiences. We're humbled and thank them all for their generosity.”


Ed Sheeran: “I think Elton has influenced most artists nowadays musically - he’s just a great songwriter. The first time I heard 'Candle In The Wind' would have been Diana’s funeral, I was six at the time, I remember my dad bringing me in and sitting me in front of the TV and being like this is really important - you have to watch this and you have to remember this.”


Sam Smith: “Not only am I completely in love with Elton’s music and have been ever since I can remember, he has also become an important figure in my life, and a beautiful friend. It was an honour to celebrate him and Bernie with all the other wonderful artists. I chose to sing Daniel as there is something about that song that speaks to me and my family and friends. It is a treasure in my eyes & was truly a joy to sing. Thank you to Elton and Bernie for the opportunity”


Brandon Flowers of The Killers: I wasn’t familiar with “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters,” it wasn’t until I saw Million Dollar Piano, which is the second incarnation of Elton’s show in Las Vegas and I saw him play it live and it knocked me over that there was this song out there that existed that I didn’t know about that would touch me and be so powerful.  I sat there with tears in my eyes in the audience going ‘what is this song,’ so I guess that that is why it jumped out at me to cover.”


Demi Lovato: 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart is such a classic, it's just always been around me- I couldn't pass up the opportunity to work on this. Elton's such an icon, a legend, I'm honored to be a part of Revamp. He's a trail blazer and he's authentic and true to himself. This version of the song has a more soulful edge, Q-Tip did a great job.'


Chris Martin: “It’s an honor to do it. For as much as one progresses through life, if you're lucky, you get to meet all these people and spend time with them and work with them. Sometimes it's important to remember that the music that's come through them has really changed my life. Elton is in that group for me, with Chopin and Bob Marley and Beyonce, and a bunch of people who their work has really shaped the way I enjoy life. It means a lot.”


Joshua Homme (Queens of the Stone Age): 'It’s nice to pick something that may seem off kilter at first for us to do. But “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” really has the psychedelic carousel nature to it. I think at first we thought we will tinker with the arrangement, but there’s so many beautiful chords- the chord progression is so wonderful- once you step on that carousel, it’s just this beautiful musical swirl and it’s really intoxicating to be on that carousel. And it seemed like there’s a psychedelic element that we could bring out, that it’s touching on, and that maybe the key for us to do it would be to accentuate the wispiness that is going on in the song.”


Q-Tip: “Elton's influence shows you that the possibilities of music are endless. He's astute in so many types of music, he does it all and being a hip hop kid, our whole aesthetic was that everything was up for grabs and that's how he has always been to me. I remember the premiere of Don't Go Breaking My Heart with Kiki Dee and seeing it as a kid and loving it. Elton was gracious enough to be part of the last Tribe album, so it was serendipitous and logical to return the favor. Rhythmically, we just wanted to make it a little funkier. He's a master showman, singer, pianist. He's the all-round goods.”


Alessia Cara: “I love Elton John, I love everything he stands for.  He has made such an impact on music and the way that I look at art and the way that I look at music.  Any chance to honor him in any way is amazing.”


Revamp stands as yet another timely reminder of John and Taupin’s influence on the next generation of global stars at a time when their music continues to fill stadiums, sell albums and influence fashion. John stands alone as a true great, whose music still garners such admiration from a truly broad range of global stars. The release of Revamp will also be accompanied by a Nashville influenced album Restoration, slated to release on the same date, April 6, featuring John’s songs reinterpreted by the biggest in Country music, including Rosanne Cash, Emmylou Harris, Miley Cyrus and Willie Nelson.


Revamp – Tracklisting:

  1. Bennie And The Jets - Elton John, P!nk and Logic
  2. We All Fall In Love Sometimes - Coldplay
  3. I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues - Alessia Cara
  4. Candle In The Wind (2018 Version) - Ed Sheeran
  5. Tiny Dancer - Florence +The Machine
  6. Someone Saved My Life Tonight - Mumford & Sons
  7. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - Mary J. Blige
  8. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart - Q-Tip feat. Demi Lovato
  9. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters - The Killers
  10. Daniel - Sam Smith
  11. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me - Miley Cyrus
  12. Your Song - Lady Gaga
  13. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Queens of the Stone Age


“Farewell Yellow Brick Road” – Canadian Tour Dates:

  • September 25 – Toronto, ON (Air Canada Centre)
  • September 26 – Toronto, ON (Air Canada Centre)
  • September 28 – Ottawa, ON (Canadian Tire Centre)
  • September 29 – Quebec City, QC (Videotron Centre)
  • October 4 – Montreal, QC (Bell Centre)


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