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Photo Credit: F. Scott Schafer




11 AUGUST 2023 (TORONTO, ON) - Today, symphonic pop extraordinaire Cody Fry has released his beautifully uplifting single, “What If,” out now via Decca Records US/Universal Music Canada. The moving track appears on the GRAMMY-nominated artist’s forthcoming album, The End, out September 15. Listen to “What If” HERE and watch the whimsical video HERE.


On “What If,” Cody invites us to look inside his mind as he works to ameliorate his anxious thoughts. We find Cody in a painfully relatable moment where he is envisioning the worst possible outcome for a situation. Throughout the course of the song, Cody begins to shut down his trepidations and adopt a more optimistic approach, proclaiming “Maybe the fear just means I’m alive. Maybe I’ll fall, but what if I fly?”  Inspired by his personal experiences with anxiety, Cody explains, “The song begins in a place of anxiety, but it uses this strategy I’ve developed from going to therapy. Anxiety is looking at the worst possible outcome of any given situation. If you’re going to do that, you have to also acknowledge that there is a best possible outcome." The accompanying visual is pure magic – the vivid imagery coupled with Cody’s palpable joy by the end of the song result in a truly captivating video.


Cody’s mental health journey was a major source of inspiration for his upcoming album, The End. The record blends Cody’s signature cinematic compositions with vulnerable revelations about his struggles with anxiety, along with poignant reflections on change, love, and the human condition. The End is the culmination of all that Cody has learned about himself and his music, highlighted by standout tracks including the recently released “Waltz for Sweatpants.” Following the runaway success of “I Hear A Symphony” and “Eleanor Rigby,” which earned the multi-instrumentalist a #1 on the Billboard Classical Tracks chart and a GRAMMY nomination, respectively, this album gives Cody a chance to celebrate his triumphs so far.


Stay tuned for more from Cody…and mark your calendars for September 15th!


About Cody Fry:

Cody Fry’s music sounds like the moment in your favorite old flick when the film changes from black-and-white to technicolor in a rush of emotion. As his orchestration booms, you practically expect a Golden Age romance to unfold to the narration of his vocals. It’s warm enough to make you nostalgic, but Cody always looks forward as a singer, songwriter, composer, producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist. It’s why he’s quietly emerged as a phenomenon with hundreds of millions of streams, hundreds of thousands of TikTok creations, and widespread acclaim. It’s why he’s picked up a GRAMMY® Award nomination and sold out countless shows. It’s also why you might just fall in love with him on his 2023 debut album for Decca Records US, The End.


After graduating from Belmont University, gigs with the likes of Ben Rector and Hunter Hayes, and countless compositions for film, television, technology, video games, and fashion, Cody attracted a devout audience. During 2021, his song “I Hear A Symphony” soared to the forefront of popular culture, surging to unprecedented virality on TikTok. It eventually eclipsed 200 million global streams and counting, hitting #1 on the Billboard Classical Tracks chart and becoming a Certified Gold Single in the U.S. and Canada.. On its heels, he reimagined The Beatles classic “Eleanor Rigby,” garnering a GRAMMY® Award nomination in the category of “Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals” with over 50M streams and hitting #1 on the Billboard classical tracks chart.


Now, The End represents the culmination of not only his creative evolution, but also his personal journey so far and exploring themes such as mental health and change as told through the likes of “What If” and “Waltz For Sweatpants.”