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Tale Of Us


The Italian duo fuses classical, ambient and film music genres into novel sonic experiences, thrilling for concertgoers and electronic-music fans alike.

15 FEBRUARY 2017 (Toronto, ON) - Looking forward to a unique synthesis of electronic sounds, strings and piano tracks, Deutsche Grammophon announces the release of an album by the world-acclaimed producers and DJs, Tale Of Us. Director New Repertoire Christian Badzura explains: “The compositional approach of Tale Of Us unites electronic ambient music and classical minimal music structures, in the manner of pioneering artists such as Brian Eno, Roedelius, Popol Vuh and Kraftwerk, to name a few. Following in their footsteps, Tale Of Us create a haunting mix of otherworldly textures and melodies embedded in a contemporary sound.” Endless will be released March 31 via Universal Music Canada, the country's leading music company. Since their childhoods, classical music has had a great significance for both Matteo Milleri and Carmine Conte of Tale Of Us. On Endless they introduce their fans to this life-long passion for the first time. “Deutsche Grammophon was a natural choice for us. Classical music is very deeply rooted in us and we felt that it is getting a new momentum.” Tale Of Us are part of a new, emotional direction in electronic dance music which has inspired a whole new generation of producers and DJs. The duo took the club scene by storm with tracks like Another Earth or Lies, and a series of striking remixes of songs by Maceo Plex and Caribou. Their special charisma and musical instinct give them a unique stage presence, and the international club and festival scene is now hardly imaginable without them. London’s Mixmag magazine named Tale Of Us DJs of the Year in 2015. In 2016, the readers of Resident Advisor voted them 3rd in their highly competitive annual DJ poll. Most recently, Tale Of Us released a single on Belgium’s seminal R&S Records and founded their very own platform, Afterlife, publishing music from talented artists in their circle. Now, with Endless, Tale Of Us open up a new chapter in their discography, blending genres of classical, ambient and film music. Ambient music deals with atmosphere and space; Tale Of Us charge those soundscapes with emotional and existential content. The elegance of their club tracks is combined with the harmonious richness of classical composition, offering a profound insight into human life at its most radiant and happy as well as in its darker moments. For the artwork of the album and its live realization, Tale Of Us collaborate with renowned media artist Quayola. Quayola explores how nature is observed and synthesized by technical media. In his project accompanying the album, Jardins d’Été, he recalls Impressionist landscape painters. He uses modern technology to capture details of reality that are normally hidden from our senses. Quayola re-creates the landscapes recorded by his electronic eye in his studio, making for mysterious, romantic floral compositions that dissolve into pixels. Thus Quayola and Tale Of Us connect the ageless grace of classical music with the immediacy of contemporary electronic art.

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TALE OF US - ENDLESS 01         Definizione dell’impossibile   04:28 02         Alla sera   06:28 03         Ricordi   07:20 04         Oltre la vita   08:01 05         Dilemma   06:01 06         Notte senza fine   06:41 07         Destino   11:18 08         Distante   08:36 09         Venatori   11:29 10         Quello che resta   06:57