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Posted on March 08, 2019

Finish the Lyrics: “Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are back! They’ve released their first new track in nearly 10 years, “Sucker.” We’ve had it on replay since it released, and we bet that you have, too. Now it’s time to prove how well you know the lyrics with this quiz! Let us know how you do on twitter @umusic. Good luck! 


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  • We go together, better than ________________, you and me

    • birds of a feather
    • milk and cereal
    • peanut butter and jam
  • You're the medicine and the pain, the ________________

    • candy to my cane
    • wings to my plane
    • tattoo inside my brain
  • I'm feelin' heat in ____________ when you're 'round me

    • December
    • January
    • February
  • I've been dancin' on top of cars and _________________

    • chillin' on top of Mars
    • stumblin' out of bars
    • gettin' serious scars
  • I'm a sucker for all the ____________ things

    • subliminal
    • suboptimal
    • subterranean
  • I follow you through the ______, can't get enough

    • abyss
    • maze
    • dark
  • And you're makin' the typical me break my typical ________

    • laws
    • conventions
    • rules
  • Say the word and I'll go ____________ blindly

    • whereever
    • anywhere
    • to you
  • Any road you take, you know that you'll find ______

    • me
    • an exit
    • a gas station
  • No one knows about ________

    • my secret identity
    • you
    • me
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